Praise for Wannabes

‘Logan … blends the bitingly satirical with the delightfully nonsensical with ease, creating a wonderfully entertaining mix. Hidden beneath all the dark comedy, Logan deftly picks apart the nature of celebrity culture.’The Eloquent Page
'The witty and irreverent WANNABES is a darkly comic take on the world of rock and roll and fame and demon bureaucrats. I tore through this book at a single sitting, laughing and reading bits aloud to anyone who would listen. Highly recommended!' -- Rebecca Cantrell, New York Times bestselling author of The Chemistry of Death

'This is a writer with a certifiable imagination capable of weaving fact into fiction with deft strokes of dark genius smattered with sniggeringly wry humour; a plot so deliciously embellished with cringeworthy terror-filled reality that you can’t help feel empathy for the whole of humanity itself, whilst choking on your tittering.' - John Hudspith, Author of Kimi's Secret

From the winner of the inaugural Terry Pratchett First Novel Prize comes a new satire.

Shortlisted for the International Thriller Writers Best E-Book Original Novel 2015 Award.
Celebrities are mobbing London's laser clinics as a deranged wannabe bumps off A-listers, believing he can absorb their powers and become famous by taping their tattoos to his body.

Washed-up pop star Jackie Thunder isn’t joining the stampede. Jackie figures that if he can get on the killer’s hit list, without the inconvenience of actually being murdered, he’ll gain the publicity needed to reignite his career.

But there’s more at stake than Jackie can possibly imagine. Guiding the killer is Murmur, a minor demon with his own agenda to make a name for himself, and Jackie becomes an unwitting pawn in a decades-old plot to destroy great music through murder, mayhem and manipulation.

With humanity’s collective soul at stake, how far will Jackie go to reach the top?

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