World War Moo


"This sequel to the very funny Apocalypse Cow … is just as much fun as its predecessor and just as cleverly constructed and written" - Booklist

"Logan’s verbal pyrotechnics combine gory action sequences and offbeat characters. Perfect for connoisseurs of all things zombie and readers who enjoy a bit of dark humor mixed with their horror" - Library Journal

"Funny and twisted, definitely not your normal zombie book" - Night Owl Reviews

"If it all sounds slightly bonkers, it is—but Logan’s unique combination of bombastic action sequences, off-kilter characters, and wild-eyed scenarios should please fans of speculative fiction and horror alike" - Kirkus Reviews

"Entertaining" - Publisher's Weekly

It began with a cow that just wouldn't die. Yep. That's right. They're still infected, and now the disease has spread to humans. The epidemic that transformed Britain's bovine population into a blood-thirsty, brain-grazing, zombie horde...err... herd... is threatening to take over the globe.

And there's not much time left to stop it. All of Great Britain is infected and brimming with rage. The rest of the world has a tough choice to make. Should they nuke the Brits right off the map — men, women, children, cows and all — in the biggest genocide in history? Or should they risk global infection in a race against time to find a cure?

With fanatical infected trying to escape the cursed island, and the Brits ready to defend themselves with every weapon at their disposal, including an intercontinental missile sloshing with infected blood, it may only be a matter of time before the virus gets out.

This means war.


Pandora KiKi said...

Hello! Remember me? I'm the doofus who was late to your naming contest for Wannabes... Jeanette Dulzo! I hope you still plan on using my name in World War Moo! I really enjoyed reading Wannabes...... I skipped school so I could stay up late at night and finish the book... It's the life of a book worm! I'm looking forward to June sonI can read World War Moo!!!

Michael Logan said...

Hi there. Yes, I remember you. Alas, the naming competition was for World War Moo (at that time Cruel Britannia), so your name won't be in that book. The next one!

Glad you enjoyed Wannabes.