Friday, February 13, 2015

White people dancing

For the last few months, I have been collecting evidence that white people can dance in an effort to silence my INCREDIBLY RACIST cubicle neighbor, Ruth Sego. She believes that white people simply cannot dance, to which I cry, 'Bunkum!

I have refrained from busting a move in the office, as I don't want to drive the ladies wild with sexual desire and plunge the men into envious despair, but I have collected many wonderful exhibits for the defence. I present below the top three:

3. Not only is he white, he's frigging ancient. But he can still bust a move. In your face, Ruth!

2. How could anybody fail to be inflamed by the eroticism of the man in the orange, or entranced by the sinuous snake-like litheness of yellow leotard woman? Your thesis is wobbling, Ruth.

1. Definitive proof that white people are the kings of the dance floor. Weep in awe, Ruth, as your cherished beliefs are vaporized in the white heat of this blistering performance.

I believe no further evidence is required. However, if you have particularly strong examples, please do share and I will ensure that Ruth watches them and acknowledges that whitey's got the hip shake going on.

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