Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Unmasking Richard Crompton, The PUNisher

Richard Crompton, and his agent and publishers, would have you believe he is a serious author. He did after all write The Honey Guide, a gritty and literary detective novel set in Nairobi. Said novel has indeed been longlisted for the Theakston Old Peculier Crime Novel of the Year. And it was shortlisted for an LA Times award that was eventually won by JK Rowling in authorial drag. And lots of serious people, including Ian Rankin, have said serious things about it in serious newspapers

I am here to crack about that fa├žade, for the man is undoubtedly the worst punner in human history.

My publisher and I have been kicking around possible titles for the Apocalypse Cow follow-up. Innocently, I asked Richard Crompton if he had any thoughts. What followed in a string of text messages spanning 24 hours displays exactly the depths of verbal depravity this so-called ‘serious’ author is prepared to plumb.

Below I give you his list of suggested titles. Be warned: the groans you issue may well rupture several internal organs.

From Steer to Eternity
The (British) Empire Strikes Yak
Apocalypse Cow 2: Look Who’s Porking
The Sound of Moo Sick
Apocalypse Cow 2: Raising the Steaks
The Tripes of Wrath
Fiddler on the Hoof
For Whom the Cowbell Tolls
The Ruminants of the Day
Two Cows and One: A Space Cuddessy
Cowering Inferno
Episode Moo: A Moo Hope
A Moo to a Kill
A Beef History of Time
The Lives of Udders
Tomorrow Heifer Dies
Carlitos’ Whey
Requiem for a Cream


Richard Crompton said...

You forgot my favourite: Boeuf, Actually.

Michael Logan said...

Oh, I didn't forget. That one is seared on my brain forever.

Ruan Peat said...

is the medium or well done! :-)

Anonymous said...

I like something like
-On the Udder Side

Michael Logan said...

I'll just go get my snare drum and give you a quick roll.

Looks like we are going with Apocalypse Cow: World War Moo as the final title.

Anonymous said...

Simple but effective. I like it