Thursday, May 09, 2013

Win Signed Copies of Apocalypse Cow

Today, the UK paperback of Apocalypse Cow, winner of the inaugural Terry Pratchett Prize, goes on sale. To mark this occasion of global import, I am giving away two signed and personalized copies, which I will post to anywhere in the world.

To enter the competition, simply answer the question below and post your response either as a comment on this blog, as a message to @MichaelLogan on Twitter, or as a comment on my Facebook author page.

The question is: If you were attacked by a zombie cow, what method and/or weapon would you employ to defend yourself?

The two funniest, and punniest, answers will win the books. If you lose, don't worry: it's on sale in all the usual places, priced at around six quid.

The competition will run until the end of Monday 13 May, and winners will be announced the day after. I will then arrange to get your home addresses privately, as we don’t want your online stalkers to find out where you live.

As to why you should want to win a book about zombie cows, here is what the critics think:

'Apocalypse Cow made me snort with laughter' - Terry Pratchett

'"This clever and very funny twist on the traditional zombie novel is exceedingly well executed (it approaches but never quite steps into parody territory), and it ends with a scene that pretty much demands a sequel. Great stuff for horror and fantasy fans"' - Booklist (Starred Review)

'A comic, blood-soaked romp through the UK, at times a hilarious social satire, and at others an action-packed gore fest, sure to please fans of the traditional zombie accomplished novel by a promising writer' - Press Association

'Logan has a flair for unique description ... and for painting a mental picture almost photographic in its clarity. An impressive start for an author who’s going places' - Publishers Weekly

'Michael Logan gives us a fast-paced dark comedy stuffed with violence, sprinkled with sex, reminiscent of Tom Sharpe, including witty lines and observations that are Pratchett-esque in their pointiness' - Sunday Express

'Ploughs the same furrows as Shaun of the Dead, wonderfully parodying the zombie and survival horror genre, but at the same time paying homage to it...worthy of a place amongst the best apocalyptic fiction...eminently readable, brilliantly written and side-splitting funny' -

'Logan manages to find a great balance between the dark and disturbing and the quirky and hilarious, all the while intermingling plotlines like a seasoned pro' - Rue Morgue

'This is one of the funniest zombie books I’ve ever read. Michael Logan has created a great new entry in the genre, and promises to be a must-read author' - Night Owl Reviews

'Michael Logan's black comedy is an absurd yet utterly addictive read' - Stylist Magazine


Johann Pollard said...

The easy answer is probably a chainsaw, but I can do better.

Flame thrower with chainsaw attachment. Roast the bugger then decimate whatever is left.

Sanya Noel said...

Pepper spray and a good azonto dance, get it mystified for a take off.

Lesley Byrne said...

I would of course marry a professional Zombie Cattle Rancher... he would know EXACTLY what to do... and all I would have to do is give him a pat on the back... cook him a splendid dinner, and maybe... if he saves a whole village.... he'll get lucky that night!!

Much success on your future endeavours!!

Lesley Byrne said...
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Anne said...

Easy, give it nappier grass. Coz I know whether a zombie or not, a cow gotta eat.

Anonymous said...

Meat Tenderizer - just for the hilarity of it.

Anonymous said...

Squirt lemon juice from water guns to make it all more cheesy.

jas young said...

Knitting needles up the nose shot there with my crochet crossbow crossover.

Ruan Peat said...

Trainers! yes odd but I don't have to out run the cow just the next slowest person! either that or badly made yorkshire puds made of concrete! throw and repeat!