Sunday, March 10, 2013

Have your name used for character in Apocalypse Cow sequel

Today, almost three years after I finished Apocalypse Cow, I started working on the sequel to the book. Rather tardy of me, I know. I have had a firm idea in mind for a while, but I wanted to finish another work first. The follow-up  is called Cruel Britannia, and is set in the UK now fully in the grip of the virus, with hops to cities such as New York and Nairobi.

Over the next few weeks, I am going to be assigning names to the supporting cast that will back up some familiar faces. I want you to have the chance to have your name used for some of these characters. 

If you want to have a character named after you, leave a comment on this blog or on my author page on Facebook explaining why you deserve to have your name chosen. Also please indicate which of the following characters (subject to change) you would like your name to be attached to:
  • A South African mercenary hired by Geldof to carry out a stupidly dangerous mission;
  • A member of a resistance commune living in an abandoned torpedo station in Scotland, where they learn combat yoga and meditate to resist the imperatives of the virus;
  • A UN delegate involved in long-winded efforts to decide exactly what to do about the UK, particularly which types of large, deadly bombs to drop on it;
  • A member of the UK government/military charged with developing a way to deliver the virus to the rest of the world by intercontinental missile;
  • A random sentient ‘zombie’ in the pub or football ground.
I will be predisposed towards funny answers.

I will post the names and pitches of the winners up here once they are decided. The competition closes on March 17.

Good luck!

I will be predisposed to funny answers.  


Ruan Peat said...

I Would love my name used for your book, I am so torn though, I think I could be wonderfully long winded and if you wanted I could suggest parts of England that could be enhanced by a little C4! but then I live in Scotland and while hatha yoga isn't combat yoga, it could be! I don't like the commune Idea as I am a bit OCD about things! but that could be fun too... and then I do go off and do daft and nutty things (like commenting here!) so a stupidly dangerous mission is right up my street, could I take sandwiches? the only one I wouldn't be is a random Zombie, there is nothing random about me! and football is just nasty! disorganised and played in mud! :-) I have had my name used before which I found out afterwards when I met the authir and she foudn out I am a she and not a he! her male protagonist got named Ruan, but I am not male :-( but for the zombie cow book 2 I care not, Use my starnge but fun name if you can! I challenge you.

Pandora KiKi said...

Think my name could be used in your book? I would be very pleased! Why should I have my name used in your book? Because I am me. I am awesome. I am a cat. My name is Jeanette Dulzo, I am a German-French American. I have a bit of Mexican in me too from my momma. Im an all around gal who loves to explore the world. I am the only female in my family, and it is time for ME to make a name for myself! I am the only one who hasn't done something extraordinair! Even if it is simple, like having my name used in an awesome book, I will be happy! Keep on writing! I am a huge fan and am looking forward to your sequel to Apocalypse Cow! <3

Michael Logan said...

Hello Jeanette,

Thanks for writing. Alas, this competition closed a long time ago. The book is already written and with the publisher. I'll store you name up for the next book, though!