Friday, October 05, 2012

2nd book done, so what now?

Last night, I finished my second novel, Wannabes, which began over two years as a rather simple idea and turned into something very different and infinitely stranger. It’s bizarre to spend so much of your spare time immersed in this other world only to emerge blinking into the sunlight and realize it’s just a story.

Still, I feel way better about this book than I ever did about Apocalypse Cow, which may well be a sign that it is far worse. It has gone out to some readers to get that first wave of feedback, so I’ll get some impression of whether or not I’ve lost it soon.

I’ll sit on it for a month before having a last look and then zipping it off. My deal was for one book only, so there is no guarantee the publisher will take it. Regardless, I am feeling rather pleased with myself for getting this done with a full-time job, two young kids and a busy social life (thanks to my popular wife).

As for what’s next: I have a pile of short stories half written, so I’m going to spend the next few months getting them finished and out to magazines and what-not. After that, I have to choose between writing a sequel to Apocalypse Cow (currently entitled Cruel Britannia, as per the last chapter) or starting on a novel that uses a sci-fi concept to satirize the wacky world of international humanitarian aid.

If anybody wants to express a preference, feel free!


Ruan Peat said...

well my pupils like cow so Id vote for cruel :-) but do post your short story successes too :-)

Glen OL said...

Sci-fi humanitarion aid? A Star Trek-type WFP escort but the food has to be living creatures?