Friday, September 14, 2012

Storymoja Hay Festival and Telegraph Short Story

I got my first taste of a literary festival as an author last night at the Storymoja Hay Festival launch party, and I'm afraid I must report that taste was largely dominated by beer and wine. This led me to lose my phone, which was happily handed in this morning. Hurray for the honest clean-up crew at the Nairobi national museum!

I also saw this morning that my short story The Red Lion, written for The Telegraph for the festival, has made it up onto their website. Another Hurray!

And for the third hurray, I get to hang out with all kinds of excellent writers and artists over the weekend. There are some real literary heavy-hitters there, including Giles Foden, Dinaw Mengestu and Precious Williams. My novel about zombie cows probably doesn't exactly fit the profile of the rest of the great authors, so I can only hope they don't look at me askance when I tell them exactly what I've written.

Anyway, I'm sure much fun will be had.

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