Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Daughter, The Tealeaf

All you parents in the UK either feeling proud/shamefaced/confused after their little kiddiewinks went off on a looting and burning spree, I now know how you feel.

This morning, Charlotte (who is two and a small bit), was very excited about going to kindergarten, to the point of jumping into her buggy early and demanding to go. I thought it was just to do with her crush on Mr. Tony, but she then began babbling about eating cake and crips (yes, that’s how she says it).

I realised she was so keen to go so she could steal snacks from the other kids. I knew she had been doing it (banana and cereal bar doesn’t stand up to sugary and salty snacks), but to have thievery as her whole reason to go to school is a bit much.

The other day, in the sandpit in our apartment block, she was even more devious. She wanted a biscuit from one of the other little girls, who was saying no. So, Charlotte invites her to go up the slide with her so they can go down together. She lets the girl go up the ladder first. Once the unsuspecting mug is far enough up, Charlotte runs over to the biscuits, nicks one, and jams it in her mouth. Cue lots of crying from the little girl.

We are trying to tell her stealing is bad, but she is too young to get it and it is also hard to be firm when you are trying not to laugh. In the meantime, I’m going to see if she can lift me a new iPhone.

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shellyg21 said...

A little bit of pee actually came out we're laughin so much!!! She is adorable!! HA HA HA XX