Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Blowing your own trumpet

I am not normally one for blowing my own trumpet, but on this occasion - toot toot! (I am not sure I can accurately spell the noise a trumpet makes when I play it - something like thhhhhhhhhhsssseeeeeffffffffffffftthhhhhhhhttt-PARP!)

Anyway, I recently managed to win the Fish Publishing 2008 One-Page Fiction contest, with We Will Go On Ahead And Wait For You. I won't tell you what it is about, because it will spoil it. You will just have to buy Fish's 2008 anthology, which you will be able to get from their website and amazon from July-ish. Autographs can be added for the price of a tuna sandwich and a cup of tea when I next come to visit.

Unfortunately I can't go to the awards ceremony at the start of July, since I have recently moved to Nairobi and West Cork is a bit of a trek. It is a shame, as I was hoping to meet Vanessa Gebbie - she who judged the competition and has since kindly accepted me into her crit group - in person.

Oh, and I know this is my first post in about a year. I will update this more regularly now I am in Kenya, as there are many things that don't fit neatly enough into the press agency boxes to put out on the wire.