Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A sight to behold

You often see more than you want to when you go to the baths in Budapest: old men that look naked because their beer bellies are hanging over their speedos and old ladies who find it difficult to keep their sagging assets penned into the swimsuits are pretty normal sights.

However, today not only took the biscuit, it took the entire biscuit tin, dipped all the biscuits in everyone's tea and then lifted twenty quid from granny's purse on the way out the door for good measure.

Natalie's mum, Valerie, is visiting and we took her to Széchenyi. We had just got changed and were walking out when I noticed a rogue testicle. I just assumed that the fragile old fella it belonged to was being a little casual. Then I got closer and realised several things simultaneously.

1. His briefs were two sizes too big for him.
2. They were see-through.
3. There was a huge rip in back, rather like the flap on a pair of wild west longjohns that had been left unhinged.

All this conspired to give a perfect view of his meat and two veg from behind as he strolled to the changing rooms.

Welcome to Hungary, Valerie.