Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Genetically gay

Interesting article on the BBC:


This scientist is claiming that male homosexuality is genetic, and this caught my attention because of a picture I saw of the Gay Pride march in Budapest at the weekend: two men holding up a placard proclaiming "We were born this way".

To me, that seemed almost like an apology to the straight community for being gay - "I'm sorry, but I was born like this and there is nothing I can do to change it". It shouldn't matter whether somebody came out the womb gay, became gay due to upbringing or simply made a lifestyle choice. Straight people should just accept that people can do what they want with their own sexual organs, and I don't think that gay people should have to justify their choices or existence by proving they were genetically set up that way.


Someones uncle said...

You cannot be born gay, just as much as you cannot be born Socialist. Becoming homosexual is fundamentally a choice that the person, male or female, makes. Is there sometimes an attraction (sexual or otherwise) to someone of your own gender? Absolutely. Is it sometimes stronger in some of us than in others? Sure. To you have to be homosexual; are you just wired that way? A thousand times no.

And before someone says that "oh, he's not gay, so he won't understand", that's like saying that it's impossible to understand the effects of crack cocaine unless you're strung out on it, or to grasp the concept of nuclear power you must stand at Ground Zero during a blast test.

Oh, by the way, homosexuality is an abomination before God (God hates the act, not the individual). The person can choose to act or not.

Dauvit said...
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Dauvit said...

Somebody's Uncle:

Get a grip. That idea died with the 20th Century (the early part of it, at that) just as your pathetic superstitions should in the face of science.

Most of us give up imaginary friends at the age of eight. Sad really that an adult chooses the psychologial device favoured by children who are faced with difficult decisions: "My imaginary friend tells me to..."


Feel free to delete this comment if you don't want this to develop. I can imagine that you don't want a pro-anti religion argument blossoming here.

Michael said...

Dauvit, if you two guys want to discuss you completely opposing viewpoints, I won't stop you.

However, it's one of these subjects on which there can be no agreement, only further entrenchment. So, I think there's no point in taking it further.

I think it's pretty clear where we all stand from our previous comments.

I think I should just stick to writing about my next door neighbours and other equally-pointless subjects!

Michael said...

Actually, in a capricious change of heart, I've decided to put my point of view down.

I don't think any of us can say what is and what isn't genetically possible, as we just don't know. It's entirely possible that people could be born gay. Then again, it's entirely possible that this isn't the case. The point I was trying to make is that it shouldn't matter.

SU, you know I don't believe in God (although I don't rule it out, as I'm only one man with no grasp on the complex nature of the universe), but presuming that God does exist, the Bible was written by humans and a lot of evidence points toward the fact it was written a long time after the alleged events.

Even if it was based on the word of God, stories get twisted and coloured by time and human experience, and this applies to the condemnation of homosexuality. What was considered immoral way back then is not necessarily considered immoral now. The world moves on.

I find it very hard to accept that an act of love between two people, regardless of what form it takes, can be classed as an abomination. Religions should be teaching tolerance and love, not condemning certain groups that are doing absolutely no harm whatsoever.

Someones uncle said...

dauvit & michael:
Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Mine is simply this: homosexuality (M/M and F/F) is biblically wrong. Whether it is socially or culturally acceptable is not my concern. Do I hate homosexuals? Absolutely not. Do I condemn them? That's not my place. Do I destine them to the flames? Not my job.

But do I tell them my views, even though they may be (currently) unpopular and politically incorrect? Better believe it. Cause I would rather speak of my belief than go with the crowd.

By the way: my first post was not a deliberate attempt to interject any religious sentiment; I am well aware that Logie and the missus don't share the same views as I (and obviously also dauvit). I can contain my comments to the narrow and limited view of science from now on.

Anonymous said...

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Kathleen said...

Don't you think that somebody's sexuality is usually one of the least interesting things about them?