Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Prepare...before they strike

I received possibly the greatest present known to humankind at the weekend. I'm not talking about the gift of love, or friendship, or any of that namby-pamby nonsense. I'm talking about a practical book that could one day save my life: The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks.

I would urge everyone who cares about ensuring the future safety of themselves and their family to rush out and buy this book now. It is eye-opening. Zombies are OUT THERE! And they are ready to STRIKE AT ANY MINUTE! I can't believe there has been so much media hysteria over Bird Flu, Iran and Bin Laden when the largest threat to the world as we know it is being overlooked. Don't delay. Invest in your future and buy this book today (even though it doesn't have a section on Zombie Cows).

Nats is now possibly in for Wife of the Year award, as long as my other three don't do anything outstanding before the ceremony.


Michael Furey said...

A useful guide, but I believe that the undead are pretty easy to identify, they call themselves 'management' or in severe cases 'consultants'.

And yes, there actions are life sapping.

Michael Furey said...

Replace 'there' with 'their' in that last comment.

Nats Grant Logan said...

vandorlo, i think you're onto something.

Someones uncle said...

I agree, and the life-sapping management types are very widespread, even down in the tropics like I am. There is something particularly horrifying about the undead in bermuda shorts.

Oh, and Michael, xnay on the Wife of the Year comments from Someones Uncle!