Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Not as evil as I thought

Believe it or not, I went to church on Sunday (not by personal choice and not as a means of worship), and I wasn't repelled at the front door by a large flash of lightning. I'm rather disappointed, as this means I'm not being evil enough. I'll need to start hatching plans to up my evil quotient. Maybe I should get an upside-down cross tattooed on my forehead. Mind you, the only problem with that is if I stand on my head it won't be satanic any more. I wonder if this is a probable for satanic gymnasts, or for Christian gymnasts for that matter? Tumbles could be very confusing: evil, good, evil, good, evil, good.


Someones uncle said...

I will share with you the secret to organized religion: all are not equal. In order to successfully navigate the minefield of dubious faiths, start with the fundamental document - the Bible. Make it a point to read a portion every day, and work towards patterning your life against it. But remember that you are looking for the principle, not the practice. So when it says "if thy right hand offend thee, cut it off", don't literally go chopping bits off. The principle is to separate yourself from things and people that do not bring Godly stability to your life.

There will be parts that are not so clear, so arrange to question someone you actually follows the teachings of the Bible - not some of the teachings, but all - and if they are true they will teach you truth.

And no, you are not as evil as you thought.

Nats Grant Logan said...

are you yoda?

Someones uncle said...

No, I'm a little taller than he is, and I suspect I smell a little better, too.