Thursday, May 11, 2006

Attention all Hungarians!!!

Concrete is not a plant. If you water the pavement outside of your shop, it will not grow. The same goes for the stairs at metro stations. The only effect this has is to wet the shoes of passers-by, which do not grow either. Please stop before I take the hosepipe off you, shove it up your bum and let it run until you swell up to the size of Jo Brand.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Szerintem ez a magyar rizstermesztés első lépése. Az első kísérletek után hamarosan megszületik a végső megoldás:
Magyar rizst a magyar aluljárókba!

Michael said...

Hmmmm. Miért nem a Magyar narancs?

Michael Furey said...

Érik a beton!

Someones uncle said...

Someone got their panties in a bunch.

Dezso said...

Hilarious! Not walking on wet concrete/asphalt but this novel urban legend.
I love the idea and can't wait for the follow up.