Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Slogan required

I just had my professional website redesigned, and I'm not entirely happy with the slogan that Tony came up with (sorry, Tony).

He had "One finger on the pulse of Europe" but this raises the question of what I'm doing with the other nine.

So, suggestions welcome.

Brainstorming so far has produced:

Ten fingers and some toes on the pulse of Europe
All of my appendages on the pulse of Europe
To Central Europe...and Beyond!
News, Reviews and stuff for all youse (for Glaswegians only)
From Istanbul to ma hoose, I write stuff
Give me some work or I'll starve
Crap articles from the areshole of Europe (Graham's suggestion)
Who gives a fuck about Hungary anyway?
"Hungary? No, I've already eaten." - plus a 100 other things people think they're the 1st to say (Graham again)
Monitoring the pulse of Europe (sounds too much like I think I'm George Clooney)
Have fingers, will type
It's coming out of both ends (Graham again)
Quality Journalism from Central Europe (this is a fairly serious suggestion - don't laugh)
Objective Journalism from Central Europe
I am a cock monkey - spank me!

I think that's enough.


Michael Furey said...

How about: Verbigeration about the Hungarian nation?

Michael said...

Considering the amount of times I have to repeat essentially the same story, I think verbigeration is pretty appropriate.

zs said...

i think the combination of "have hands, will type" and "give me some work or i'll starve" would say it all. hungary is secondary.

Nats Grant Logan said...

you're a cock monkey!

Nats Grant Logan said...

on second thought... agree with vandorlo. particularly the implied 'mental health' statement.

back to training. suitably amused to continue with the rest of the day.